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Ninja Dictionary

Wind Scale

It is very important that I fight while grasping a flow of wind in a battle between ninjas.
Snipe, communication to a friend, smoke and foggy flow, all of firearms are controlled by wind.

Because it is difficult to judge wind scale in itself from bodily sensation, it is left to a limited ninja.
Therefore when it tells a friend the velocity of the wind, it is important that all the friends understand knowledge of a wind scale adequately.

It becomes a decisive factor of a game that any kind of action understands how much velocity of the wind it is influenced by how.

Wind scaleWind velocityWind NameJapanese reading
00.0 - 0.2calmHeion
10.3 - 1.5light airShikeifu
21.6 - 3.3light breezeKeifu
33.4 - 5.4gentle breezeNanpu
45.5 - 7.9moderate breezeWafu
58.0 - 10.7fresh breezeShippu
610.8 - 13.8strong breezeYufu
713.9 - 17.1moderate galeKyoufu
817.2 - 20.7fresh galeShikkyoufu
920.8 - 24.4strong galeDaikyoufu
1024.5 - 28.4whole galeZenkyoufu
1128.5 - 32.6stormBoufu
1232.7 - hurricaneTaifu

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